Paint&Tattoo Compressor Kit

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  • 1. Pressure: 23 psi, highest under all similar cordless Airbrush compressors 2. Very quiet, no sound. 3. With automatic start and pause. 4. Very small and portable, more convenient than others. Instruction manual: 1. Please test the pen with water first. 2. Please do not use thick pigments, which will affect the effect of casting. 3. Wash the inside of the spray pen according to the steps in the manual after use. 4. Install the spray pin after cleaning. Attention please: This can be used in beauty, makeup, beauty, nails, temporary tattoo, cake decorations, low density paint, etc. A special air compressor should be used and thick paint should not be sprayed. Please be in the best condition with the Airbrush after debugging, and then use a clean water test, spraying is normal, you can use it. Please use stability when it falls on the floor, it may cause impact or damage to the use vacuum cleaner. Clean the airbrush after use, avoid clogging in normal use, avoid the impact of the next device. A professional person is recommended to replace the needle and cap to protect the product well.

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