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Zeblaze Btalk Lite Smartwatch

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Bluetooth Calling Watch Value King
1.83" Large Color Display
Bluetooth Phone Calls
Large 1.83" HD TFT Display
240*285 pixels
600 nits brightness
Zeblaze Btalk Lite on yellow background
The Ultimate Personal Assistant
Bluetooth Phone Calls
Offline Voice Assistant
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Call Screen
24/7 Easy Health Management
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Heart-rate screen
100+ Professional Workout Modes
Running & walking, cycling, outdoor workouts, indoor sports, dance, combat sports, ball sports, winter sports, leisure sports, and more
200+ Watch Faces
Upload your photos to the watch face
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Different watch faces
Water Resistant IP68
Zeblaze Btalk Lite in water drops
Battery Life with Rapid Recharging
Up to 14 days of Battery Life

Bigger Display for a Clearer View

The large 1.83" HD TFT display offers a larger viewing area, making it easier to read. Whether you're checking your heart rate for running or your messages on the way to work, see everything you need with the flick of your wrist.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite on yellow background
TFT Display
Nits brightness

Lightweight, 10.8mm Ultra-Slim Body

The new, upgraded Zeblaze Btalk Lite is strikingly thin and light. It not only looks good but also feels well too.
Ultra-slim Body
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Button side

Craft and Wear Your Lifestyle on Your Wrist

Match your mood, outfit, or occasion with a wide selection of more than 200+ stylish watch faces.
Cloud watch face download
Upload your photos to the watch face
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Many watch faces

Encompassing Care for Your Health

Get the health data that matters to you more accurately and efficiently with the Zeblaze Btalk Lite. The watch's advanced biometric sensor can track multiple health metrics simultaneously and efficiently use optical light.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Sensors
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Blood-Oxygen Saturation Screen
Blood-Oxygen Saturation
Blood Oxygen Measurement * Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level indicates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Get an Sp02 measurement anytime, anywhere, for peace of mind.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Wrist-Based Heart Rate Screen
Wrist-Based Heart Rate
Your heart never lies, so why monitor your heart rate? Zeblaze has always been trusted by its users - now it's your turn. We'll track your beats every minute with unparalleled accuracy.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Sleep Monitor Screen
Sleep & Recovery
The Zeblaze Btalk Lite accurately monitors your sleep status, including those of deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and awake time, and interprets the characteristics to provide you with a sleep quality score and insights for improvement.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite All-Day Activity Tracker Screen
All-Day Activity Tracking
Track your steps, calories, and distance throughout the day, and you can access daily and weekly activity data summaries.

The Ultimate Personal Assistant

A watch that keeps you truly connected. Step into a well-connected world with Zeblaze Btalk Lite that enables you to manage your calls - take calls, dial from the recent call logs, access your favorite contacts, and leave your phone in your pocket.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite on a man's hand
Offline Voice Assistant
Zeblaze Btalk Lite has a built-in voice assistant to easily control your phone and make your watch more than just a watch.

A Next-level Fitness Partner with 100+ Workout Modes

Whether you're a team player or prefer the focus of working out by yourself, the Zeblaze Btalk Lite is the ultimate easy-to-use sports smartwatch. With over 100+ built-in sports modes to suit your choice of activity, the watch can track metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and more.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite on the sports man hand

Water Resistant IP68

Zeblaze Btalk Lite is based on IP68 waterproof rating standards, which can effectively prevent sweat or raindrops from splashing, meeting daily waterproof needs and making you more at ease.
Working Zeblaze Btalk Lite with water drops

Hugely Powerful
No More Battery Anxiety

Have you got a trip coming up? Unplug yourself for up to 14 days. The watch packs a powerful battery into its super slim and light body so that you can pack something more fun than a charger into your case.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite Charging Screen
Typical usage
Heavy usage
Charging time
Continuous voice calling

Live a Limitless Lifestyle

Check the weather, sync your mobile phone calendar to the watch, get notifications for received instant messages, and more. Make daily life more convenient with the Zeblaze Btalk Lite.
Zeblaze Btalk Lite with many icons


Zeblaze Btalk Lite Black

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