Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro 300Mbps Range Extender

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Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro range extender, signal zoomer and booster 300 Mbps offers an effective solution to the dead spot problem by strengthening weak Wi-Fi signals. It creates extended coverage with its external antennas. The plug and play product, which can be easily installed with just a few steps, offers a user-friendly experience. High Performance for Dead Spots Wi-Fi signals can weaken for various reasons. This situation, which negatively affects the connection quality, may be caused by the fact that the user is far from the wireless router or there are structures between the router and the router that may reduce the signal quality.
With its compact design, Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro signal zoomer and booster instantly improves signal quality in areas where you have signal problems. With 2 external antennas, Mi WiFi Pro helps you make the wireless coverage wider. It increases signal stability and strength. Thanks to its universal use, it works in harmony with many routers.
Enough Connection Support for Everyone 64 devices can be connected to the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro signal zoomer and booster at the same time. In this way, it meets the needs of large families. With the support of numerous device types such as computers, smartphones, TVs, game consoles and tablets, it offers strong wireless connectivity for everyone. It lets you browse, play or transfer files at the same time without worrying about lag or signal loss. 300 Mbps Data Transfer Rate Working in the 2.4 GHz band, the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro signal booster supports data transfer rates up to 300 Mbps in IEEE802.11B / G / N standards.
Using a 2×2dBi external antenna to extend the WiFi signal coverage, the Pro version allows you to adjust the antennas at 180 degrees, whether plugged into a wall socket vertically or horizontally.
User-Friendly Design Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro, which does not contain complicated cables, provides fast connection with plug and play installation. With its plug-in body design, the device meets its power need directly from the socket. The reset button of Mi WiFi Pro signal booster is located at the bottom of the device for safe use. A toothpick is required to reset the device connection. Special body material and design of the heat sink, designed so that the temperature does not cause performance problems, enables the device to work more stable.
With its Compact Dimensions The Wi-Fi Booster, with its dimensions of only 6.90 x 6.90 x 3.50 cm and a weight of 125 gr, allows you to save space with its compact design. It easily adapts to different decoration styles with its completely black colored smooth body. Auto Update Support Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro signal zoomer and booster saves you the trouble of installing time-consuming software with its auto-update function. As long as the device is connected to the network, it automatically checks for updates. In this way, it ensures that the device always works safely and with high performance, especially with security improvements.
What is the difference between Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro and Xiaomi Mi Wifi 2? Although the Xiaomi Mi Wifi 2 signal zoomer and booster is smaller in size, it needs another 5 volt power adapter with a USB port. Xiaomi Mi Wifi 2 has a built-in PCB antenna, while the Pro version comes with 2 external antennas. The Pro version performs higher in signal coverage. How to set up Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro? Installation via the Mi Home app consists of just a few easy steps, such as plugging the device into the wall socket and scanning the QR code into the app. A yellow flashing of the booster's LED indicates the device is connecting, and a blue light indicates that the device is working normally. Does Xiaomi Mi Wifi Pro support 5G connection? Since the device complies with the IEEE802.11AC standard, it does not support the 5G band.

What Does Xiaomi Wifi Pro Repeater Signal Booster Do?
Xiaomi mi wifi repeater pro signal booster is a booster that can be used for areas where your wireless modem is insufficient, where the connection is poor or out of range. You can improve your connection quality with Xiaomi Wifi Pro Repeater at points in your home where the connection is weak.

Where Can I Download Mi Home App?
You can do the whole setup of the Xiaomi mi wifi repeater pro signal booster via your mobile phone, via the Mi Home app. After the installation is complete, you can start your newly created network from any mobile device without the need for any application.  You can follow the link here to download the Mi Home application to your Android phones, and here to download it to your  iPhone phones  .

How to Install Xiaomi Wifi Pro Repeater?
You can install Xiaomi mi wifi repeater pro signal booster by following these steps:

  1. Connect the Xiaomi Wifi Pro Repeater with the converter to the outlet.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth and location on your phone.
  3. Install Mi Home app on your phone and log in.
  4. After tapping the Add device button, select Xiaomi Wifi Pro.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to and enter its password.
  6. The optimization will be completed in seconds.
  7. Define a location for the booster, either home or office.
  8. Setup is complete when you see the LED on the booster is blue.
  9. You can rename your network or change the password from the application shortcut added to your phone home screen as Xiaomi WiFi.

How to Reset Xiaomi Wifi Pro Repeater?
You can reset the Xiaomi mi wifi repeater pro signal booster to reinstall. For the reset operation, you must press the "Reset" field on the safe with a thin wire or paper clip while the Repeater is on until the status LED turns off. Then you can reinstall.

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